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Our real passion in life

At Rule 6 Real Estate, we have many areas of expertise. From the listing and buyer side, to investment and multi-family deals, we pride ourselves on our collective knowledge and experience. That being said, our real passion and the reason we wake up every morning is to work with builders.

New Home Benefits

Building a home from the ground up is by far one of the most rewarding ventures anyone can undertake in their lives. It’s a chance to pick that perfect spot and create a home that truly defines you.

Whether you’re buying a builder speculative home or building from scratch, there are many benefits to buying brand new. There’s a peace of mind and assuredness knowing that your home is YOUR home and no one else has ever lived there before. Many builders offer complete floor to ceiling warranties with the purchase of a home. You have the option of upgrading many building materials in the home, adding gourmet kitchens, custom decks, energy efficient HVAC systems, and custom color and tile combinations just to start!

Why work with us?

As an independent real estate company, we very much value the freedom of being able to work with EVERY and ANY builder our clients choose. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with our knowledge and experience accrued over the years, and to provide completely unbiased services. Our service first and foremost is to the client, period. We don’t have to worry about selling you something in our inventory to keep our sales high. We have the freedom to act as your guide so that you can make the decision of what’s best for you and your family.

We’ve spent years developing quality working relationships with builders in every price range from the mid $200’s all the way up to multi-million dollar estates. In addition to our relationships, there are many questions we can answer before we ever get into a car:

  • What builders are in your price range
  • What areas they’re building
  • How big their lots are
  • What comes standard in a home with any particular builder
  • What costs can be expected for upgrades.
  • How long to expect for build times

At Rule 6, our main goal is to take the needle out of the haystack for you. There are dozens of builders we work with, and each builder’s product follows a different path and price. We work closely with builder’s sales representative’s to create an experience for you that’s both exciting and rewarding!

Listing and buying simultaneously:

At Rule 6, we specialize in moving our clients from their current home and into the home of their dreams in one fell swoop. Moving from one home to another can be a complicated process, especially when building a home from scratch. We streamline the process by giving you the best marketing available for your property and syncing everyone up with your timeline. We expect the unexpected and keep you ahead of the game.