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Rule6 Real Estate

What do we do different than anyone else?

Streamline, eliminate excess procedures:

Our goal at Rule 6 isn’t just to find you the perfect house, but to do it more quickly and efficiently. Our agents are trained to evaluate your core property needs and really listen to your home and market expectations. We also read between the lines. In many cases, we help our clients REALIZE what they truly need and want in a home and help our clients differentiate between the “must haves” and flexible perimeters.

Prepping our clients for the home buying process:

At Rule 6, it’s not enough for us to just plug in some numbers and perimeters, print off a list of houses and jump in the car. The home buying process isn’t a glorified shopping spree. Educating our clients about and establishing reasonable expectations of the home buying process and making our clients aware of any and all costs associated with the purchase of a home are the cornerstone of our service to you. Our primary goal is to make sure that you’re always several steps ahead of any process and also aware of any potential outcomes, good or bad.

We do the looking for you:

At Rule 6, our job isn’t your job! You’re not going. We have absolutely no problem with our clients taking a proactive approach in finding their home (we actually encourage it). But our goal for our buyers is to find you your next home, pure and simple. Any agent can plug numbers into a computer and put you on an automated email campaign. We strongly discourage that practice here, which is why you won’t find a home search engine on our website. We don’t just evaluate your needs, we also ask the ever important lifestyle questions that ultimately determine which homes will be the best fit for you.

No upselling:

Our agents at Rule 6 our motivation in real estate is to do what’s best for our clients, and this means guiding you to the best, most informed and unvarnished decisions. It’s not always necessary for our clients to spend what their lender qualifies them for. And for the money you do spend, be it an existing home or a new build, we make sure you know exactly where and why you’re spending that money.

Getting the right team members in your corner.

Every deal is different. At Rule 6, part of our evaluation of your needs is matching you up with the right people for your journey that are going to most suit your needs. We’re going to make sure that you have an agent that understands your way of thinking, is well versed in the logistics of your transaction, and most importantly, that you feel comfortable working with. We also don’t use just any one lender from just any one particular lending house. At Rule 6, we’ve built relationships with a network of seasoned loan officers from multiple lending houses. Be it an existing home or a new build, we’ll get the right lender in your corner for any financial situation. And if you’re building, we’ll make sure to get you to the right lender to match up with builder incentives.